About Us

 Our Vision and  Mission

Our Vision is to provide a consistently high standard of education and services.

Our Mission is to offer excellence by delivering quality programmes as a dedicated education provider.

Our Teams

Academic team


Glen has experience teaching English to all age groups in New Zealand, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

He has a bachelor’s degree in History, a teaching diploma and a C.E.L.T.A.

He likes travelling, reading and exercising in his free time.

Glen believes the best way to learn English is to speak as much as possible. His classes always include a lot of speaking activities.

Academic manager


Brent has been teaching ESL for 16 years in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and China.


He has an MA Sociology, Postgraduate TESOL Certificate, and a Postgraduate Certificate Education. Brent has been an IELTS examiner/marker in Beijing, China  and in Queensland, Australia.


He enjoys reading and watching sports.


Academic writing is his passion and the key to this art form is simplicity.

Ultimately, if you want to develop all of your English skills, you must improve your range of vocabulary and to comprehend the use of contextual English.


Claudine has taught ESOL in Japan, Canada and New Zealand. She has a Master of Arts (1st class honours) in Language & Literature from the University of Auckland, where she studied Japanese, Italian, French and Spanish.

Claudine particularly enjoys teaching pronunciation and vocabulary in her class.


Joseph has a TESOL Diploma, a Master of Applied Linguistics and more than twenty years' experience both locally and internationally.


Joseph's teaching strengths are in giving unique, effective presentations and using engaging, self-made materials. 


He wants to improve his student's English by making their learning as enjoyable as possible.


After graduating as a New Zealand registered teacher and with an ATCL in Speech and Drama from Trinity College, London, Juliet taught in New Zealand schools then schools in England and in English language schools in Greece where she lived for 16 years. On her return to New Zealand, she completed further training, finishing a B.A. degree in English from the University of Auckland.

She trained and worked with English Language Partners while working in Auckland primary schools and training with SPELD. This organisation is Level 1 NZQA approved to help students with learning difficulties. She now assists secondary students with dyslexia and learning difficulties as well as teaching our Basic Elementary and Elementary classes in the morning. All this experience and continued Professional Development has been an obvious advantage for NZIST.

Student Service Team


Latin American Counsellor


Chinese Counsellor


Student Service Officer

Our Campus

Our institute provides a wide range of facilities and services for our students including:

  • Experienced, friendly and dedicated teachers.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable Student Services staff.

  • Comfortable classrooms with views of the city and an environment conducive to learning.

  • Free, high-speed wi-fi access and computer facilities.

  • Resource library.

  • Dedicated self-study area.

  • Spacious common areas.

  • Well-equipped kitchenette and lunchroom.

  • Free coffee and tea facilities.

Contact Us

Level 10, Big Albert Building, 87-89 Albert Street, Auckland City, New Zealand

Phone: (+64) 9 3092886

Email: info@nzist.ac.nz

What our students say about us

Before I enrolled in the IELTS Academic class in NZIST, I used to get 5.0 on my writing test. However, my writing score jumped to 6.0 within 12 weeks. In fact, I have obtained an overall score with 6.5. Indeed, I am very happy with the way the teacher presented all the techniques and guidelines. Moreover, I was taught a great deal of skills to improve my IELTS score. I was also very pleased with my other results which were 7.5 for Listening, 7 for Speaking and 6 for Reading.

Uykim, Cambodia


NZQA New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Tertiary Education Commission New Zealand Te Amorangi Matauranga Matua
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