General English and IELTS courses in Auckland New Zealand

General English

Communicate in English in any situation!

General English and IELTS courses in Auckland New Zealand

This is an ideal programme for students who want to learn more about Kiwi life and language while studying English.

  • Why study General English at NZIST?

During classes, students can expect to strengthen their understanding of grammar, extend their vocabulary, develop their listening and reading comprehensions skills and learn how to express themselves in clear, well-structured written English. A central focus of the General English programme is spoken communication. Our teachers utilise a variety of methods to enhance fluency and most importantly, instill confidence in our students!

​There is no entry requirement for the General English (Level 2) programme. It is designed for all levels of students, ranging from those wanting to improve their basic English communication skills, to those wishing to develop greater levels of fluency and comprehension.

  • NZIST General English Level and Class time.


9.20 am – 1.40 pm 


               Basic Elementary







5.30 pm – 9:30 pm



  • NZIST General English Course Fees.

       Duration          Tuition         Weekly Price (was)       Weekly Price (now)   

        4  weeks            NZ$  760                   NZ$190                          NZ$190

      12  weeks            NZ$2180                   NZ$181                          NZ$158

      16  weeks            NZ$2900                   NZ$181                          NZ$158

      24  weeks            NZ$4200                   NZ$175                          NZ$155

      36  weeks            NZ$5940                   NZ$165                          NZ$148

      47  weeks            NZ$7285                   NZ$155                          NZ$135


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